How to insert GIFs in Google Slides by URL?

In this tutorial you will learn how to insert or put GIFs in Google Slides by URL with simple steps.

How to inser
  • First, you have to Copy the URL of the GIF you want to insert in your Google Slides presentation.
Copy gif of URL
  • Second, open your Google Slides presentation and Clic on Insert Image button. Next, clic on By URL. If you want, you can also upload a GIF from your computer, searching on the web, from Google Drive, or directly from the Camera of your mobile phone or computer.
Put GIF by URL Google Slides
  • Third, for the by URL option, you need to Paste the URL of the desired GIF. You will see a preview of the GIF. If all is correct, you have to clic on Insert button.
URL of the GIF into Google Slides
Put Gif in Google Slides
  • Done! Now you have your GIF in your Google Slides presentation. Remember that you can edit it as you want, move its position, or resize it by clicking on it.
How to put GIFs into Google Slides

How to edit the GIF inserted in Google Slides

Once you have your GIF uploaded in your presentation, you will be able to edit some aspects of its design. Here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Resize the GIF maintaining the proportion or ratio by holding the Shift key on the keyboard. With this, the GIF will be smaller o bigger without distorting the dimensions.
Change size of a GIF in Google Slides
  • Recolor the GIF by clicking on it, and Format options > Recolor. You will see around 19 new colors available to apply to the original GIF.
Change color of a GIF in Google Slides
  • Add a Reflection effect to the GIF with an aesthetic animation. You have to clic on the GIF, and next on Format options > Reflection. If activated, it will create a reflection effect as if there were water under the image, which will also be in motion.
Add Reflection to a GIF in Google Slides

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