How to add checkbox in Google Slides?

If you are wondering how to add a checkbox to a Google Slides presentation, you are in the right place. Checkboxes are an useful and visual way to make lists, surveys, quizzes and to-do-list. Best of all, as we will explain in this tutorial, you can customize it to your liking to match your template design perfectly.

Add checkbox Google Slides

The steps to add a checkbox in Google Slides are the following:

  • First, you have to select the lines of text you want with the checkboxes.
  • Second, clic on the Bulleted list icon. If you want to see several designs, clic on the dropdown menu. Mainly, there are bullets, arrows, flowers, squares and stars.
Types of checkboxes Google Slides
  • Third, Right clic on the bullet icon, and you will see new designs. For example, a check icon which looks great for listings.
Check with checkboxes Google Slides

How to customize the checkboxes to your liking

In addition, if you clic on the More Bullets option, you will see a larger list of designs that could fit perfectly with what you want. However, if any symbol matches your design, in this way you can use your own bullet image (see the Draw a symbol here section).

Upload your own bullet icon for checklist Google Slides

Moreover, if you want to change the color of the symbol of your bulleted list (because most of them are in black), you can change it simply clicking on it and going to the Text color option. Next, select the color desired for the symbol. Basically, is like if you were changing the color of a simple paragraph, but selecting only the bullet icon.

Change color of the bullet symbol in Google Slides

Remember that you can change the style of each symbol individually, simply making double-click on it. For example, you can do something like this:

Change symbol style Google Slides

Or use more variety of styles, with a result like this example:

Add custom checkbox interactive Google Slides

Now is your turn! Make your own checklists with different symbols in Google Slides and do something great with your creativity.

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