Halloween Pumpkin Template for Google Slides and PowerPoint

This Halloween template is perfect for pumpkin lovers. Despite having scary colors, friendly icons make this presentation suitable for all kinds of Halloween-related situations.

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More details about this Free Halloween Pumpkin Template

this template has been designed taking into account the most typical colors of the Halloween celebration, evoking a sinister and terrifying emotion. Even so, its design is ideal for presentations with children or teenagers, as the pumpkin designs are friendly, and there are no elements that may cause fear to younger children.

Because of this, this template becomes a perfect solution for presenting any kind of theme related to October 31. Also, you can edit the template to your liking, and make use of the tables, lists, headers, images, colors or text to change them as you wish.

An interesting detail is that these slides incorporate two types of backgrounds: you will see some slides with white background, and others with dark background. So you can choose between your favorite design, because, while the white is more friendly, the dark background can make your presentation a bit more scary. Which style will you choose? Or maybe you combine the two!

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