Cute Template with Cats and Unicorns for Google Slides and PowerPoint

Our latest multi-purpose cute template with cats and unicorns for Google Slides and PowerPoint contains adorable cats and unicorns that draws awws from the audience. The main color we have used is unicorn-themed, which we have mostly used for our background alongside cats on it. So, are you ready to melt your viewers’ hearts? Give this lovely presentation a try!

Our templates are 100% free for personal use, but we’d appreciate it if you’d link to us as credit for posting the template for free.

Here is our cute template with cats and unicorns for you

In case your audience is mainly little kids (preferably girls) and you want to surprise them, then have a look at our free cute cats and unicorns presentation template. Our templates are all the frenzy right now and they work the best to make your content shine.

We have chosen the best characters that will accompany your message to your cute audience. Moreover, our customizable and editable templates allow you to change the text and background colors. Thus, you can make the content unique and super fun as per your preference.

Our cute template has a unique style that will fit very well with your innovation yet will make it delightful. Give our template a try and your audience will surely fall in love with your slideshow!

This cute template contains a total of 5 slides, each containing different elements. Our first slide is for the title following the title text in the second slide. The second slide is for the main content. Then the third slide is to explain the image (here you should edit the slide to change the given image).

In our fourth slide, we have given a table that will make things convenient for you to put data. And finally, it is time for the happy ending of your presentation in the fifth slide.

Get it completely free of cost

You can download our cute templates with unicorns and cats completely free of cost. These free templates are a result of the mix and matching of cats and unicorns. We preferred a unicorn theme as our background color while using a cute cat on each slide to make it cuter.

Whether you’re a parent of a toddler or a teacher of an elementary school, our cute template is sure to impress your audience. Moreover, you are getting this template completely free of cost. So, what are you thinking? Don’t waste your time thinking and simply go for it!

  • It is free of cost
  • You can edit it as per your preference
  • This template uses the unicorn-themed background to impress your cute little audience
  • Perfect for cat lovers

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