Chic Template for Google Slides and PowerPoint

Looking for a Chic template to organize your fashion event or class? Then your search ends here. This is the best chic template you can use to make your presentation. The soft and pastel color palettes add essence to this template. This template is free and customizable. Suitable for both Google slides and Microsoft PowerPoint this is the best template for your audience to engage with your presentation.

Our templates are 100% free for personal use, but we’d appreciate it if you’d link to us as credit for posting the template for free.

The casual Chic style reflects an elegant but comfortable and relaxed template for your presentation. It is an ideal and go-to work template that you can use in your presentation in your event or classes to give advice on style or fashion.

The template includes designs that are using basic, quality garments and simple designs, accompanying them with other slightly more elegant or formal pieces. The background and layout are also helpful to describe your thoughts. The design of the template is very much elegant with such a great color palette that will attract the audience’s attention. If you are holding a fashion event you can use this template to describe your presentation. Also, you can make invitation cards using this by including various events, date, and time.

Purpose of the template

  • This template is free and customizable.
  • Suitable for use in Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.
  • Modern chic design with beautiful layouts.
  • Icons and color palettes are ideal for use in fashion events.

We’ve added a number of model sketches as illustrations to your portfolio to increase the formal and professional vibe. The title font is really lovely and has a hand-drawn look to it. Its dark purple hue and style give it a hint of luxury. You won’t have any trouble altering the slides and customizing them to your needs because the layouts are clear-cut and easy to understand. So, download this template to make our own beautiful fashion event slides.

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