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Mister Slides is a repository of free PowerPoint and Google Slides templates. We offer a variety of templates depending on the theme you want to make a presentation on. You should know that all our designs are free and can be freely distributed, although we would appreciate the attribution of our designs.

At the moment, these are all our categories. We add new free templates every week, so please check back often to see what new designs we have uploaded for you.

Latests PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

Here are the latest designs uploaded to Mister Slides. You can check them all in the respective categories or use the search engine with the words or topics you want your templates to be about.

Google Slides Tutorials

How to pick and edit the best free templates and slides

The process to edit our templates freely is very simple. Just click on the download button, and click on the different elements (such as texts and images) to modify them from the design platform.

  • If you are using Google Slides, the edit process is direct. You can modify the elements inside the online tool.
  • If you are using PowerPoint, clic on “Archive > Download as > .pptx” from Google Slides in order to have the PowerPoint version of a template.

Why we provide free templates and slides?

Our aim is facilitate the design process to all of our users: creative, teachers, professionals, etc. and our monetization model is with ads, so we don’t have to make paid templates to continue online.